• On the design of AIDOL ART-FIGURE©

    On the design of AIDOL ART-FIGURE© AIDOL ART-FIGURE©, a newly designed ART-FIGURE©, was infused unique power and energy in order to show the inner beauty of human. The structure of AIDOL ART-FIGURES© is filled with brilliant talent and excellent materials. The connections between components of AIDOL ART-FIGURE© has improved according to the structure and principle of human joint and almost as perfect as human body joints, which enables AIDOL ART-FIGURE© do difficult moves without any humanoid support. Thus when you are posing AIDOL ART-FIGURE©, you will be surprised that AIDOL ART-FIGURE© is fulfilled any fancy of a 1/6th scale collectible figures. This is what we call the TRANSFUSION and a bran-new trial.